About Dr. Umesh Dayanandan

Dr Umesh Dayanandan is an extraordinary homeopath with a unique, distinctive and intuitive capability of diagnosing and bringing out the most intricate, complex and inconceivable symptom picture in a sick patient.

He has travelled far and wide in his quest for bringing divine healing through homeopathy for the suffering masses.

His untiring and ardent pursuit for the cause of homeopathy has had many hardships and at times even to the extent of risking his very own life, reaching out to suffering mankind in various parts of the world.

Dr.Umesh has lectured and made presentations at various national and international conferences in India and abroad and has received several awards and felicitations for his outstanding contribution in bringing homeopathic awareness across the globe. In the year 2004 he was invited by the UK Home Office to live in England and practice homeopathy and was given the status of visa national with voting rights. During this time he had the rare opportunity to treat people of diverse ethnicity, race and culture.

Currently Dr.Umesh sees patients from 28 countries across five continents. Several ailments that have been pronounced incurable by conventional medicine have drastically improved and been cured by homeopathy under his expertise and skilful prescribing.

Known for his ability to turn around cases that have been proclaimed by conventional medicine and deemed by most standards as incurable, into healthy individuals, he has achieved great success in restoring the sick back to health.

Graduated from Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, popularly known as Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh and from the faculty of homeopathy Malaysia. Dr.Umesh also qualified from the British Institute of Homeopathy London.

Spanning a career of nearly 3 decades, Dr.Umesh has seen and treated various cases ranging from a simple cold and cough to cerebral hemorrhage.
He has seen and treated several cases of infertility, venereal diseases, syncope, bronchitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, coronary artery disease, carpel tunnel syndrome, perthes disease, multi nodular toxic goitre, deep muscle abscess, infiltrating ductal carcinoma, cellulitis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hemophilia, alopecia areata, dysmenorrhia, anal fissure, fistula, hemorrhoids, malnutrition, menorrhagia, chronic suppurative otitis media, poly cystic ovarian disease, parkinsons disease, sciatica, recurrent tonsillitis, urticaria, vertigo etc. at his clinic.
As part of an international homeopathic community, he was appointed as an active member of a voluntary organization known as “homeopathic doctor without barriers” and has contributed much to raise the homeopathic profile in various parts of the world including Malaysia, India and South East Asia.

Known, many a time as …. “a surgeon without knife”, he has averted several surgical cases such as, cesarean delivery, fibro adenoma of the breast, uterine fibroid, poly cystic ovaries (PCOD), varicocele, nasal polyp, tumors, cholelithiasis (gall stones), renal calculi (kidney stones), appendicitis, anal fistula, hemorrhoids, coronary artery disease (with multiple vessel block), etc. effectively with homeopathy.

Apart from discharging his professional duties as a homeopathy doctor, travelling round the world and treating the sick, Dr.Umesh has keen interest in the welfare of the society as well.

Propelled by overwhelming benevolence and filled with tender compassion for the suffering masses, his kindness, generosity and love for fellow beings, promulgated into an act of philanthropy that brought him tremendous contentment, by virtue of his honesty, integrity and righteousness.
A philanthropist Dr.Umesh has dedicated his life to serving women in distress and destitute children by providing them with food, clothing, education etc through a charitable organization called DR.UMESH DAYANANDAN FOUNDATION.

He also has an exceptional flair for music and a keen interest in culinary delights, which he performs with great skill and dexterity while at leisure with his family.