High demand of Indian homoeopaths in West, says Dr Dayanandan

Due to globalisation and with the increasing demand for Homoeopathy across the globe, the world, like IT professionals, is looking towards India as a mine of high quality homoeo doctors, says Dr U Dayanandon, South Coast University Faculty of Homeopathy UK.

Dr Dayanandon was addressing the media in the state capital at a press meet organised in support of the eminent homoeopath of the city, Dr Mohammad Zakaria, who is a strong candidate for the post of member of Central Council of Homeopathy, the election for which is at hand.

Dr Dayanandon intended that Dr Zakaria, a member of the Council, should make efforts for providing reciprocal recognition to international course so that along with business opportunities to the homeopathic practitioners of Madhya Pradesh in USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, get chance for mutual transfer of research papers and the human being could be relieved from chronic and treaded diseases.

Candidate for Central Council of Homeopathy member post Dr Mohammad Zakaria said that if he would be elected to the council, then various measures would be taken for the development of Homeopathic System of Medicine in adhya Pradesh. Elaborating his plans, Dr Zakaria said that he would try for the Reciprocal Recognition of International Course and for better opportunities for employment to the homoeo doctors in Madhya Pradesh.  Establishment of Government Homeopathic Hospital at CSC, PSC and Village Panchayat level, recruitment of Homeopathic Practitioner in private companies, insurance companies, police department, Jail, Indian Railway and other organisations will be his priorities, he added.   Dr Dayanandon, who is an NRI and practising in London, said that in a planned manner Homoeopathy is being disgraced by some institutions.

Dr Dayananandon, who is here to sing a MoU with the leading voluntary organisation of Madhya Pradesh  SAAHAS (Society of Advance Homeopathic Science) for online Homeopathic Education and Training said that there is ample opportunity in MP for homoeopathy study and research work, but he expressed grief that the Government of Madhya Pradesh is not paying much attention on Homeopathic System of Medicine.